What are EMFs?

by Dr Kelly

What are EMFs?

Simply put, an EMF or electromagnetic field is any magnetic field that is created by the movement of electrons, aka electricity. They are everywhere! Anything that uses electricity will create an electromagnetic field in one way or another. That means your cell phone, lightning, and even the entire earth has an electromagnetic field! Electrons, the little particles that zip around atoms, carry a negative charge and are constantly moving and balancing the charges around you. It is safe to say that humans have been exposed to EMFs since the beginning of time, but it is only recently that manmade EMFs have come to fruition.

Health Concerns and Controversies:

The health effects of EMFs, particularly non-ionizing EMFs, have been a topic of debate and research for many years. Some studies have suggested potential links between long-term exposure to EMFs and various health issues, such as increased cancer risk, reproductive problems, neurological disorders, and sleep disturbances. However, the scientific community’s consensus is that the evidence is inconclusive, and more research is needed to establish definitive causal relationships. However, it is better to be safe than sorry. It may be advisable to limit your exposure to concentrated EMFs that you can be exposed to for hours on end in a single day.

Governmental and International Guidelines:

To ensure public safety, regulatory bodies and health organizations have established guidelines and safety limits for exposure to EMFs. These limits are typically based on the evaluation of scientific research and aim to protect individuals from potential harmful effects. Organizations such as the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have developed guidelines that set maximum exposure limits for various types of EMFs.

Minimizing Exposure to EMFs:

If you are concerned about EMF exposure, there are several steps you can take to minimize your exposure:

  1. Maintain Distance: Keep a safe distance from EMF-emitting sources like power lines, electrical transformers, and high-voltage electrical equipment.
  2. Limit Cell Phone Use: Reduce your cell phone usage by using speakerphone or hands-free options, sending text messages instead of making calls, and keeping your phone away from your body when not in use.
  3. Create Distance from Devices: Keep electronic devices like laptops, tablets, and Wi-Fi routers away from your body. Use them on a table or desk instead of resting them directly on your lap.
  4. Opt for Wired Connections: Whenever possible, use wired connections for internet access, such as Ethernet cables, instead of relying solely on Wi-Fi.
  5. Consider EMF Shielding Products: There are various products available, such as EMF shielding cases, clothing, and accessories, which claim to reduce exposure to EMFs. However, their effectiveness and scientific evidence may vary, so it’s important to research and choose reputable products.

If EMF might be bad, then why does DHHC offer PEMF as a therapy?

Generally speaking, it is the dose that makes the poison. Exposing your skin to the sun is necessary to make vitamin D, but too much and you get sunburned and increase your risk of skin cancer. The same can be said for PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy. In the proper exposure, intensity, and frequency, it has been shown to be great for the body!