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By Dr Kelly

June 27, 2023

We do Nutrition Coaching Differently in Green Bay

Test Your Allergies 

Food allergies can cause bloating, acne, headaches, anxiety, depression, and more. Once you receive your food allergy results, you'll get a personalized weight loss plan tailored to these findings, helping you lose weight effectively. Additionally, you'll check in weekly with the Discovery Health Lifestyle Nutrition Coach for support, accountability, and guidance.

Test Your Metabolism

Bioenergy testing is a diagnostic procedure that assesses the body's energy levels and how efficiently it produces and utilizes energy. This testing typically involves analyzing various physiological parameters, such as metabolism, cellular respiration, and mitochondrial function, to evaluate overall energy production and utilization at the cellular level.

Bioenergy testing may include techniques such as:

  1. Metabolic Testing: This involves measuring metabolic rate, oxygen consumption, and carbon dioxide production to assess how efficiently the body is burning calories and generating energy.

  2. Mitochondrial Function Testing: Mitochondria are the energy-producing organelles within cells. Testing mitochondrial function can provide insights into how effectively cells generate energy through processes like oxidative phosphorylation.

  3. Exercise Testing: Exercise testing evaluates how the body responds to physical activity, including heart rate, oxygen consumption, and energy expenditure. This helps assess cardiovascular fitness and energy utilization during exercise.

Detox your body

We offer a unique food-based detox program! RESETTING isn't about purchasing loads of supplements. Discover the fasting experience firsthand. Receive support from a community of like-minded individuals. Explore the benefits of fasting, intermittent fasting, juicing, and plant-based foods. Invest in a juicer for vegetable power juicing days. Elevate your health, energy, mental clarity, and weight loss objectives to new heights!


Ciera is our master's prepared, functional medicine and nutrition coach. She leads three different, actually, weight loss programs and I also have her work with some of the people I'm doing consultations with to get that person the one on one connections, all about food and more frequent accountability and touches to help them be successful. Just this week, I had two people actually who are completely new on their health journey, but they really need to lose weight. They really want to lose weight. They're over 100 pounds overweight or more, one of whom had changed her diet a little bit already and was losing some weight. The other person who drinks a six pack of diet Coke a day and only eats fast food or out of a box. Sierra has been challenged with meeting them where they're at, getting them started on their health journey, helping them to learn how to substitute do better with food. Every person again, is on a different spot of their health journey and working on giving up soda and understanding how that's going to help their body. So she does many one on one consultations with people just to learn about food and to get better at food. And she has three different weight loss programs that she launched in January that have been going fantastic. Again, I mentioned just a little bit ago that it's not about drugs, it's not about supplements, it's not about the most popular injection to make you lose weight. Every medication that has been out thereto facilitate weight loss causes harm to the body in one way or another. We need to be empowered. We need to learn how to fuel our bodies to eat so that we feel good instead of doing what is most convenient and cheapest in society, because that's what makes America very sick. From a health perspective, we are not rated well as far as how healthy people are in America. We're poor. We're the number one in healthcare costs. And that hasn't changed for 15 years, at least that I'm aware of. And the last I heard, we rank like 52nd out of the world at how healthy we are. We cost the most, we do the most testing, and we're the most expensive. Yet people are really, really sick and chronically ill. So food as the foundation and weight loss, because we have an obesity epidemic, there is no doubt. So people have to learn how to do different. They have to value food differently. They have to look at it. It's information for your body, it's fuel for your body. It's not, oh, everyone else is eating that, so I can't not eat that. And I try to help people look at that a little bit differently because the biggest thing that'll come up is, well, I'm going on vacation andI'm going to eat whatever I want. And I say, okay, this is your choice, eat whatever you want. But most people come back and say, I felt so horrible,I got so sick and okay, well, what'd that tell you? It said I was feeling really good when I focused on what I ate, and now I just ate whatever I wanted and I felt horrible. So is it me telling you what to eat? Or did your body just tell you where you need to go? Because you will feel better when you take care of your body. And people need to get that experience so that they value food differently, because that's the biggest thing that sucks them in to say, but this is cheaper, so I'm going to buy this. But it makes you sick. And now you need to pay for your insurance, for your medical bills. And then when you decide that wasn't enough help, then you're paying for someone else to help you do very basic things to get your body back in line. Food is the foundation. It's the foundation of our weight loss programs. And we tie the bioenergy testing into one of our weight loss programs where we get the metabolism of the person. We find out if we need to do a little bit of thyroid work, or if they're eating too many carbs, or they need to keep fueling with some complex carbs, or what their body really needs. We do a weight loss program with food allergy testing, and then Sierra also does just one on one coaching for weight loss. And we may do some carb cycling, and she works with people who have the worst diet and they're just getting started, or people who have really been doing quite good. Their diet doesn't look bad, but they struggle with losing weight. So it's about switching it up. It's about doing a little bit differently.It's about different combinations. It's about rotation and the carb cycling. And then the person who comes to me and says, I can't, I can't lose weight no matter what I do. When we approach that differently and we're working to improve the health of their body and improve their metabolism, we take a different look at food, all of a sudden they can. And that's pretty amazing and powerful to them as well. That is fantastic that you have so many wonderful success stories, a lot of good success stories. But it's because that person was willing to make the change and they were willing to work on it. And two people who I met just this last week were so afraid of failing, they were afraid, I'm going to screw it up. I don't know if I can do it.I don't know if I can change. And I said, yes, you can. You're here. You're here already. It's not about failing. It's about starting to learn and giving it a try. And guess what? If you goof up, no big deal. We get started again. And you didn't fail at anything. The failure comes when you're not willing to change and when you're not willing to try because, you know you have health conditions because of your bad habits and how you got here. But most things, we can really work on changing and reversing. And you have every opportunity to feel good no matter how old you are. That is how you are able to empower your patients. It's life changing again. I'm just going to keep saying that because you're offering them tools, they're going to do the change that they need to on their end.It's not like you have the magic cures and the fix-alls. Nobody does. But you're giving them the tool tools that they can use to make the changes in their lives and allow their bodies to heal.

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