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The Optimum Focus FootDetox

A 20-minute warm water foot detox offers a comfortable and effortless way to cleanse your cells. You'll feel reinvigorated, balanced, healthy, and ready to embrace life, often with just one bath.

The OPTIMUM FOCUS foot detox is a recently developed therapeutic device designed to cleanse the body gently and effectively. It was created with the assistance of practitioners who have been working in the field of energetic baths since they were first introduced to the American public. The development of this unit has involved over four years of extensive field research.

Many individuals rely on caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, processed fast foods, or drugs to artificially stimulate their bodies and get through the day, leading to an imbalance and chaos within the body's energy. Emotional stress also takes a toll on the body, perpetuating this imbalance and weakening the immune system, resulting in insufficient daily energy, aches and pains, and even physical disease. Ignoring or masking these symptoms with stimulants can worsen the underlying cellular-level imbalance.

Our bodies are mainly made up of water, with researchers and doctors estimating that the average human body contains 70% to 80% water. When pure water flows through our cells, it has a lively quality similar to the water from mountain springs that nourish the land. Water carries a curative essence that is heavily influenced by the messages we send through it.

The atoms within our cells vibrate at varying rates, generating individual energetic fields within each of us. Our cells are constantly influenced by what we consume and our physical and emotional experiences, affecting our overall energy.

The 'Optimizer' submersible water module in the OPTIMUM FOCUS footbath ionizes the bath water. During a 20-minute bath, this device works in conjunction with the water in your body, activating and energizing it, and balancing the meridians. Consequently, the entire body is revitalized and in better balance, resulting in stronger, more free-flowing human energy fields and a strengthened immune system.

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How Does it Work?

The 'energetic footbath' is a therapy that utilizes a medical process similar to peritoneal dialysis, which utilizes osmosis to remove impurities from the body. Osmosis is a process in which fluids move through a semi-permeable membrane from a lower density solution to a higher density solution. This transfer of fluids takes toxins from the body into the solution. This process only affects toxins of small enough size to pass through the membrane's pores and leaves larger molecules, such as proteins, untouched. Every 20-minute treatment allows the body to release toxins it's ready to let go of at that specific moment, and the effect of each footbath differs from person to person. The process stimulates the body's energy field and cells, which release toxins into the lymphatic system. 

Any waste not drawn out during the footbath will enter the lymphatic system and be eliminated naturally. One can expect increased urine and stool output from 3 to 5 days after the therapy. The addition of a small amount of Himalayan Salt to the footbath provides an electrolyte source for the optimizer and generates negative ions that bind with molecules to give them a negative charge. The negatively charged material will then bind to a positive element.


What they say


I have been using the footbath since 2000, and some
results have been increased energy. My complexion is
very clear and the whites of my eyes are white. I'm very healthy. People notice something different about me and
want whatever it is. My joints no longer feel stiff, and I just feel an all over renewal.


On the first visit it looked like my feet were in a tub of transmission fluid when I finished {the footbath]. I've had severe swelling and pain in my right elbow, bursal sack. It was crystallizing. After the first treatment, the swelling kept going down and just two days later back to normal. I have more energy and don't seem to need naps during the day. Very impressed with the results!


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A single 20 minute session.

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