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Discovery Health Healing Center

Center for holistic medicine focused on lifestyle medicine to get your body feeling good and working right.

Health Care that Heals ! ®

Experienced medical providers who listen and work to achieve your goals and improve your overall health.

The Discovery Health Healing Center is an extension of the Integrative Medicine & Restorative Medicine approach that Dr. Kelly has been using with her patients for more than a decade, plus so much more!

No matter what level of health you are at today, you can benefit from a service provided in this Healing Center. Each therapy targets the CAUSES of decline by addressing deficiencies and toxicities at a cellular level.

Areas of Health Focus

  • Restorative Medicine: help the body heal itself, treating the person, not the symptoms or disease
  • Hyperthyroid and Hypothyroid Conditions Optimized: Improve thyroid function and get a full thyroid hormone test so you can feel GREAT whether you need thyroid support, dessicated thyroid medication or none at all. 
  • Increasing Energy & Improve Sleep: remove triggers that zap your energy and that prevent you from sleeping
  • Pain Relief & Cellular Repair: Near infrared light therapy delivered into tissues to reduce inflammation & improve healing.
  • Weight Loss: no starvation methods or fad diets: lifestyle change and removing barriers to weight loss are key
  • Digestive Issues: heart burn, diarrhea or constipations, the GUT is key to health and needs to be supported
  • Hormone Imbalance: for all ages, pregnancy, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, peri-menopause, transition with grace
  • Autoimmune Conditions: eliminate the triggers, calm and restore function of the immune system.

Our holistic health clinic practitioners will help you find you again. Achieving your goals with one-on-one attention and focus to create a personalized treatment plan. No generic protocols, no testing, and no conventional medication that you don't need making it completely individual primary care.

Learn why people want to work with Dr. Kelly

Learn why people want to come to DHHC



  • You need to see a different outcome
  • You're tired of being sick and tired
  • Looking for a whole different result
  • Chronic illness and chronic disease is weighing you down

Discovery Health Healing Center
brings you a holistic medicine approach unlike traditional medicine. We want to give you a multitude of healing options.

Holistic Medicine Doctors Health Clinic Lifestyle Coaching Medicine


"The Healing Center takes people on a journey to find themselves & their health again"

Non conventional medicine


  • Community for you to grow with, come have an organic latte with like minded people
  • Working with you, identifying your goals, and getting the right tests and treatments for you
  • Going on a Journey together, when you are ill, you need an expert clinician to help you heal

What We Do

Take Time to Care

Building trusted relationships, taking time to listen, showing compassion, and helping you learn to love you again are essential parts of our holistic family medicine approach.

Experience and Knowledge

25 years of extensive experience, Doctor of Nurse Practice, Functional Medicine Certified, Nutrition Certified, Thyroid Certified, and Balancing Hormone Trained

In-Depth Lab Reports

Blood Work orders and special testing kits can measure values in the blood, urine, sputum and/ or stool. Results are always available in your account. 

A Focus on Health

Holistic health care focuses on the whole person. That means, how you feel, what your symptoms are, and what the tests show. 

Listen to What We're All About

2 part series on Conversations to Inspire by Theresa Moore (full episodes available on Spotify or Apple Podcasts)

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The Services making us an Integrated Medical Clinic

Holistic Consults

Dr. Kelly Felmer helps patients find healthiness and happiness through a holistic medicine approach to her practice.

Holistic Medicine Doctors Health Clinic Lifestyle Coaching Medicine

Nutrition Programs

Proper nutrition fuels the body for optimal performance whether you want to bulk up, slim down, REVERSE disease, or control symptoms.

near infrared light therapy red light


Evidence based light therapy bed that uses red and near-infrared light to treat injuries, reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation.

Holistic Medicine Doctors Health Clinic Lifestyle Coaching Medicine

Thor Laser

NEAR INFRARED light laser is proven to increase athletic performance, relieve pain and inflammation, and promote faster healing without side effects.

Holistic Medicine Doctors Health Clinic Lifestyle Coaching Medicine

IV Nutrition

Provides a 100% absorbable, safe and effective way to receive a boost of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients directly into your bloodstream


Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy through slow release pellets.

Holistic Medicine Doctors Health Clinic Lifestyle Coaching Medicine


 Neurofeedback is a very gentle stimulation which produces fast results in a limited number of sessions for mental health and emotional health.

Foot Detox

Pull the toxins and heavy metals in your body out through your feet.

Ozone Prolozone Ozone Sauna Green Bay WI Discovery Health Healing Center

Ozone Therapy

A range of therapies all involved with this 3-oxygen molecule including an ozone sauna, prolozone injections, insufflation, and topical ozonated olive oil.


Ozone Sauna

A 10-in-one treatment pod including full body ozone treatment. 

Holistic Medicine Doctors Health Clinic Lifestyle Coaching Medicine

Bio Energy

We can analyze your mitochondrial function and physical health by a series of tests centered around your respiratory system.

pulsed electro magnetic field


Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields stimulate your body to heal and make change.



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Our Providers

Kelly Felmer, DNP

Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Kelly is a Doctoral prepared Nurse Practitioner. She helps women (mostly, but men too) to be empowered, to take control of their health, to be energized, radiant, healthy, and happy again. She guides them on a journey to reverse disease, resolve symptoms, and prevent illness through a holistic approach.

Chrisine Scharenbrock

Nurse Practitioner

My name is Christine Scharenbrock and I am new to Discovery Health Healing Center! I am a Master’s prepared Nurse Practitioner with a focus on adult-gerontology. My passion for a more holistic approach stems from my personal health journey and all I have seen over the years working as a nurse. Disease does not have to be your destiny. Through my new role, it is my goal to help patients actively engage in their health to promote wellness and healing.

Our Specialists

People you will work with for our various services

Kimberly IV Nurse


IV Nurse

April IV Nurse


IV Nurse

Ciera Nutrition Coach


Functional Nutritionist

Our Support Team

People who will greet you at the front desk or are behind the scenes

Rhoda DHHC Team


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