Vitamin IV Therapy in Green Bay

With our health services, we help you to feel like brand new.

IV therapy is one of our most popular services at Discovery Health Healing Center. Why? Because you live a busy life, IV therapy gives your body a customized wellness boost. You’ll come away feeling energized and refreshed.

Our team also customizes your IVs for functional medicine patients. Your health condition is unique to you, so say goodbye to generic protocols and embrace the highest quality, individualized IV nutrition. 

People across Green Bay are waking up to the fact that our bodies need the right vitamins and minerals. Join us on this extraordinary journey to optimal health and experience the difference that sets us apart from the rest. Don't miss this opportunity to revitalize your well-being like never before!

Holistic Health Benefits of IV Therapy

intravenous vitamin therapy


Daily vitamins and supplements aren't enough. Enhance your health journey, workouts and performance in sports by giving your body what it has been missing.

IV Therapy


Living a healthy lifestyle in Green Bay takes more than occasional vitamins and exercise. Strengthen your immune system with IV Vitamin C and other healing, natural ingredients.

IV Drip


Things are going great for you, so let's keep it that way! But if you're stressed from juggling too much, there's a chance your health is at risk. Don't wait until you get burned out. Repair & rejuvenate now.

IV Infusions


It's not just about how you look, it's about how you feel. Healing on the inside supports normal function in every cell, so you look & feel younger with great skin, hair and nails.

Our Drips

IV Therapy, Myers Cocktail IV

Recharge your body by clearing out some toxins and replenishing the much needed hydration and nutrients! You will feel the difference! This IV combination bypasses the digestive track and results in improved mood, focus, mental clarity. Our Green Bay nurses call it the Myers Cocktail IV on steroids!

Vitamin IV Infusion Therapy, intravenous, Myers Cocktail IV

Help your immune system (white blood cells) do what it was made to do, naturally. Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant that fights infections, boosts the immune system and can also provide high energy.

Avoid getting sick by fueling your immune system with high-impact nutrients to keep a strong line of defense.

IV Drip


This IV Drip can decrease your recovery time and enhance your performance! Get re-hydrated and re-energized after training hard. Replenish nutrients and fluids, combat muscle fatigue, and get on the road to faster recovery by supporting your body with these nutrients. Amazing results when used in combination with NovoTHOR.

Vitamin Infusion IV Fluids


Calm and melt those headaches, anxiety, and muscle cramps away. Created for relaxation of the body, to help relieve headaches, anxiety and symptoms of PMS, this customized IV includes premium-quality compounds which may also reduce bloating, irritability, and provide an over-all sense of wellness. This Vitamin IV Infusion includes magnesium, calcium, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12.

Vitamin IV Infusion, Myers Cocktail IV


You've heard it before: "I just need to recharge my batteries!" Help your body fight fatigue, improve cellular repair, and create mitochondrial energy with IV therapy in Green Bay. Includes a Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex (LAMC): Palladium, alpha lipoic acid, molybdenum, rhodium, ruthenium, methionine, N-acetylcystein, B1, B2, B12.

IV Lounge


Are you chronically anemic and have little energy to prove it? Oral iron is constipating and poorly absorbed. Give yourself a direct boost to combat chronic anemia with a series of 5 IVs to obtain best results. One vial per treatment provides 100 mg of iron sucrose in 100 ml Normal Saline (minibag).


Heal the body at the cellular level by improving your DNA repair process. This helps to slow down the natural aging process, improve endurance, combat chronic fatigue and improve mental clarity.

Includes: NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)

IV Clinic


Glutathione is the body's most important antioxidant, and it helps to prevent and reverse the effects of free radicals. Furthermore, it is involved in many processes, including tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and for the immune system. This push is done after you have completed one of the other IV options.


This is a fast, safe and effective way to administer nutrients into the body. A very small needle is injected into large muscles in the body where it can store and be released into the body over time. This process takes no more than a few minutes to complete.

IV Therapy: A Better Way to Get Your Body the Nutrients it Needs

IV Therapy is increasing in popularity across the nation because it’s a great way to deliver vitamins directly to the body. Multivitamins and supplements have their place, but nothing beats the efficiency of IV therapy.

Whether you want to strengthen the immune system, improve energy levels, or address nutrient deficiencies, IV therapy can help.

However, IV therapy is especially powerful in addressing chronic conditions. For individuals with chronic conditions such as autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue syndrome, IV therapy can replenish depleted nutrients, boost immune function, and reduce inflammation, ultimately helping to alleviate symptoms and improve overall well-being. Additionally, IV therapy can be tailored to the specific needs of each individual, offering a personalized approach to managing chronic health issues.

As part of our commitment to wellness, we offer IV Nutritional Therapy.
This type of direct infusion therapy
strengthens the immune system, improves energy levels and sense of well being.


100% Absorption and Nutrients  are Available for the Body Almost Immediately


Oral Vitamins are Approximately 50% Absorption of Traditional Oral Vitamins

8 Minutes

Available to the Body within 8 minutes from starting the drip

8 Hours

It takes 8 Hours or more (Lag Time) for Oral Supplements to be Available to the Body

Learn More about IV Therapy in Green Bay

What is Nutrient or Infusion Therapy?

If you're like most people, you probably don't consume your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, let alone experience their valuable benefits. Nutrient IV Therapy is a safe and effective way to receive natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids direct into the bloodstream. Sessions range from 30 minutes to 2 hours in length, can enhance your energy, improve your overall mood, and helps prevent future health conditions caused by stress, malnutrition, and dehydration. Resolving deficiencies and removing toxins are essential to improving health.

How is going to a medical healing center different from a hospital or clinic?

As a medical healing center, Discovery Health offers a professional, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. However, unlike a spa, our healing center offers elective procedures under the supervision of medical professionals to be sure all services are appropriate and safe for you. Safety is of the highest priority here. And rest assured, when compared to other "pop-up IV places" that target superficial benefits and hang-overs, the quality and concentration of ingredients provided at this Healing Center is purposeful and potent, in exactly the BEST amounts to provide the benefits promoted. Other IV centers are only able to offer a tiny amount of each ingredient, which although any amount can still be beneficial, will have little impact for the cost charged.

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

  • Taking oral vitamins typically has a 30 percent absorption rate, which isn't ideal for individuals who aren't getting enough vitamins and nutrients from their food or have poor digestion resulting in little absorption. However, IV therapy allows nutrients to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream for maximum benefits. Eliminating deficiencies in your body will improve all body functions once the deficiency is adequately replaced (which may take longer than once session, depending on how depleted you are).

What does a Vitamin D3 injection do?

It provides the essential hormone for your cells, muscles and bones. Vitamin D3 is usually created from the sun interacting with your skin and cholesterol, but sometimes in cold weather states or when you purposefully avoid the sun, you do not make enough vitamin D to sustain your daily cellular activity. An injection can help to rapidly increase extremely low levels of vitamin D when oral supplementation is not effective or enough. It is always crucial to know what your vitamin D level in the blood is, before any supplement in oral or injection form is given. Ideal levels are between 60-80.

How frequently should I do IV Therapy?

The answer to this question is completely independent to the person and their health needs, symptoms and conditions. Everyone can benefit from a boost with more anti-oxidant vitamin C and improved hydration without any concern for harm. None of our IV’s contain toxins that can be found in medication or pharmaceuticals, but a boost of nutrients can push toxins out of the body.

Once per month, once per week, even twice per week can create instrumental changes within the body to enhance healing and health. This will always be determined under the supervision of the medical staff. Some people may require customized IV therapy which is tailored to their specific needs and the frequency will be determined by the provider.

Who should or shouldn't do this?

Certain medical conditions need special approval before receiving any IV therapy, therefore, each person will go through a consultation process before an IV is provided. Some basic blood work is also essential to receive this care service. Examples of medical conditions that will be closely evaluated include, heart failure, kidney, liver problems or cancer. It is always recommend that you check with your primary care physician if you are unsure. However, be confident that every person can benefit from IV nutrition and that at the Discovery Health Healing Center, you will be evaluated for safe administration of these nutrients.

What should I do after the treatment is done?

Hydration with water is important before, during and after your session. Always bring a water bottle with you, preferably a glass or stainless steel bottle that can easily be refilled in the Healing Center with our Reverse Osmosis water. Beyond that, you can go about your day as you would normally. There are no restrictions. Ideally you will also have eaten prior to your IV, and/or during and after your IV since the nutrients can create a shift of fluid and glucose. We recommend that you exercise, meditate, eat healthy meals, stay hydrated, and get enough rest daily.

Are all nutrient IV infusions the same?

Not quite. Even though all IV drips are administered using the same procedure, the quantities and nutrients of each one are very different, since they look to achieve specific goals in your health.

Are there any side effects during the IV process?

IV therapy administered properly, in safe yet therapeutic levels have minimal risk for any type of side effect. However, some people do experience some cooling of the arm and may notice a mineral taste in the mouth. Do not worry, as this is all normal. Good hydration, a thorough medical review, and expert clinicians will ensure a safe administration of your IV. Rest assured, that emergency supplies are within reach should they ever be needed.

How long does a session take?

Healing IV therapy provides therapeutic levels of nutrients, so should be delivered slowly for maximum benefit and to eliminate not feeling well because it was given too quickly. There are some IVs that can be given over approximately 60 minutes for the drip to be fully administered, but others may take 120 minutes or longer. A slower rate will allow the body to utilize the nutrients more effectively.

What are nutrient IV's made of?

Nutrient IVs consist of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which are found in the body naturally. Adding these nutrients helps to replenish the deficient levels that occur with poor diet and illness.

How soon should I feel the effects?

Depending on your nutritional and hydration status you may see dramatic effects after the first IV. People who get IV's regularly will feel less dramatic effects as their body starts to obtain optimal hydration and nutritional balance.

Is this process painful?

Receiving an IV is an invasive treatment, so there will be some mild discomfort when the catheter is placed. The needles used are very small and once inserted, you should not be able to feel it.

Is it an expensive treatment?

  • IV Therapy is a premium service that improves your body's performance enormously. It is an investment, so if you compare the price against the benefits you receive from it, you'll find it's well worth it.

    Users agree that preventative medicine such as nutrient IV Therapy strengthens their immune system, helping them avoid expensive doctor visits and prescription medication that come with disease, infections or allergies.

Is there any potential reaction to receiving a nutrient IV while on other medications?

  • Negative reactions are slim to none, since this procedure is proven to be advantageous and safe. Either way, everyone is monitored and if some discomfort begins, we will simply monitor you over time and stop if necessary.

    Most people respond favorably to the therapy, feeling energized and alert from the beginning.

UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation)

Promotes oxygenation of entire body

UBI has demonstrated significant antimicrobial effects, making it a valuable adiunctive treatment for various infections. UV light has been shown to effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi, offering potential benefits for viral episodes, candida infections, and certain drug-resistant strains. UBI helps reduce pathogen load and supports the immune system's efforts to eradicate infectious agents.

Immune Disorders

UBI holds promise in treating immune disorders by modulating immune responses. Its immune- stimulating properties can potentially benefit conditionssuch as allergies, rheumatism, asthma, and certain autoimmune diseases. UBI helps regulate the immune system, alleviating symptoms and reducing inflammation associated with these disorders.

Chronic Conditions

UBI shows promise in the management of various chronic conditions. Patients suffering from eye diseases, heart conditions, platelet disorders, toxin overload, parasites, multiple sclerosis (MS), Lyme disease, non-healing wounds, gastrointestinal challenges, infertility, and fibromyalgia may consider UBI as part of their treatment plan. The immune-stimulating, antimicrobial, and oxygenation- enhancing effects of UBI can potentially alleviate symptoms and improve overall health outcomes.

Mental Health

UBI has been observed to potentially improve mood, similar to the positive effects of exposure to sunlight. The exposure to UV light during UBI sessions may contribute to an elevation in mood and overall well-being, potentially aiding individuals with conditions such as depression and fatigue.

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Kelly Felmer 

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She really listens and provides answers that I have never heard before.
After just 2 treatments I feel better than the dozens of doctors before her combined.
If you have one of those conditions that’s hard to figure out, I highly suggest to try Dr Kelly.

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Christine Scharenbrock

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Embark on a soul-nourishing journey of rediscovery with me, where we go beyond the superficial to find true balance and harmony in all aspects of your life. Let's create sustainable habits and practices that nourish your body, mind, and soul, empowering you to become the best version of yourself. This is not just a journey; it's an awakening, an opportunity to set forth on a path of lifelong wellness and growth.


Dr. Kelly is awesome!
She really listens and provides answers that I have never heard before.
After just 2 treatments I feel better than the dozens of doctors before her combined.
If you have one of those conditions that’s hard to figure out, I highly suggest to try Dr Kelly.

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