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At Discovery Health Healing Center, we’ve found that toxins and deficiencies are the most common causes of disease. Either your body is being held back by an outside element, or your body is lacking a key vitamin or nutrient. If you’re struggling with chronic illness, it’s time to visit our practice in Green Bay.

Modern life is full of pollutants and toxins. More and more, lab results are showing traces of heavy metal exposure. These metals stay in your system for years and cause important processes to slow down. Are you always tired, achy, and bloated? It could be heavy metal exposure. 

At Discovery Health Healing Center, Dr. Kelly and her team use functional medicine to help your body release these toxins. Through a holistic program, you’ll start to reclaim your vitality. Let’s get started.

Are Heavy Metals to Blame for Your Chronic Symptoms?

Heavy metal toxicity can show up in a number of symptoms, ranging from subtle to severe. Fatigue, brain fog, and gut issues may initially present themselves, followed by more pronounced signs such as joint pain, headaches, and skin rashes. Mental health may also be affected, with anxiety, depression, and irritability being common.

But why don’t other practitioners focus on heavy metal toxicity? Why is Discovery Health Healing Center the go-to destination for heavy metal detox in Green Bay?

It turns out that many conventional doctors overlook the role of heavy metals in health. With the relentless demands of modern healthcare, few doctors have the time or expertise to explore the connections between heavy metal toxicity and persistent health challenges. As a result, individuals grappling with chronic symptoms may find themselves navigating a maze of misdiagnoses and ineffective treatments. At our practice, we give you our full attention and explore all possible root causes of your illness. We’re also experienced in facilitating the detox process, giving your body the tools it needs to recover.

Heavy Metals Lurk Around Every Corner

“But how did I get exposed to heavy metals in the first place?” 

This is a question we get all the time. Unfortunately, toxins are everywhere. Environmental pollution, contaminated water sources, amalgam dental fillings, and even everyday items like cookware and cosmetics can harbor these toxic elements. Consumption of certain foods, such as fish high in mercury or produce grown in contaminated soil, further amplifies the risk of heavy metal accumulation.

As part of our functional medicine approach, we will educate you on how to avoid toxins as much as possible.

Common Heavy Metals and Their Effects

Discovery Health Healing Center uses advanced testing to pick up traces of heavy metals and other toxins. Your wellness plan will be tailored to your results. However, here are six heavy metals we often come across at our Green Bay practice:


This common heavy metal poses a significant threat to human health, particularly affecting the nervous system. Lead exposure can impair cognitive function, leading to learning difficulties, decreased IQ, and developmental delays, especially in children. Furthermore, lead disrupts hormonal balance, contributing to reproductive issues and metabolic dysregulation.


This toxic heavy metal, prevalent in cigarette smoke and industrial emissions, exacts a heavy toll on multiple organ systems. Cadmium targets the kidneys, causing renal dysfunction and increasing the risk of kidney disease and failure. Furthermore, cadmium accumulation in bones can lead to osteoporosis and skeletal deformities, while respiratory exposure contributes to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer.


Despite its natural occurrence in the environment, mercury's presence in seafood and dental fillings presents a potent danger to neurological health. Chronic exposure to mercury vapor or methylmercury from contaminated fish can lead to memory loss, cognitive decline, and tremors. Additionally, mercury toxicity has been linked to mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety, further highlighting its insidious impact on mental well-being.


It’s hard to live in Green Bay and avoid aluminum altogether. Used in cookware, antiperspirants, and food additives, aluminum has been implicated in a spectrum of neurodegenerative conditions, including Alzheimer's disease. Accumulation of aluminum in the brain disrupts neuronal function, contributing to the formation of beta-amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles characteristic of Alzheimer's pathology. Moreover, aluminum exposure may exacerbate oxidative stress and inflammation, further accelerating cognitive decline and neurodegeneration.


Often infiltrating groundwater and certain food crops, arsenic is a toxin to look out for. Chronic exposure to arsenic can manifest in a variety of adverse effects, including skin lesions, peripheral neuropathy, and cardiovascular complications such as hypertension and atherosclerosis. Moreover, arsenic exposure has been implicated in the development of various cancers, including skin, lung, bladder, and liver cancer, underscoring its carcinogenic potential.


Found in various everyday items such as jewelry, coins, and stainless steel products, nickel can provoke allergic reactions in susceptible individuals, leading to dermatitis and other skin disorders. Inhalation of nickel particles from industrial processes or ambient air pollution can also exacerbate respiratory issues, triggering asthma attacks and chronic bronchitis. Furthermore, nickel exposure has been associated with an increased risk of lung cancer, highlighting its carcinogenic potential and systemic toxicity.

Specialized Detox Protocols for Your Health

The body possesses incredible detoxification systems, but often, they’re not enough to remove heavy metals. Unlike water-soluble toxins, which can be readily removed via urine or sweat, heavy metals often bind tightly to tissues and accumulate over time. As such, specialized detox protocols tailored to each individual's unique biochemistry become imperative in facilitating the safe and effective removal of these stubborn contaminants.

The Functional Medicine Approach

At Discovery Health Healing Center in Green Bay, heavy metal detoxification goes beyond mere symptom management. We embrace the holistic principles of functional medicine by addressing the root causes of illness. Dr. Kelly and her team craft personalized protocols that address not only the immediate burden of heavy metal toxicity but also the underlying imbalances that predispose individuals to such issues. 

Comprehensive assessments, including thorough medical histories, laboratory testing, and nutritional evaluations, lay the groundwork for targeted interventions aimed at restoring balance and vitality.

We may recommend functional nutrition, supplementation, intravenous therapies, and lifestyle interventions to put you on the road toward optimal health. Each step of the process is guided Finally, Discovery Health Healing Center is a leader in wellness technology. We offer many services that stimulate healing at the cellular level, such as ozone therapy, PEMF, foot detox, and more. 

with meticulous care and compassion, empowering individuals to reclaim agency over their well-being.

Looking at the way to new and old

Get Started with Heavy Metal Detox in Green Bay

If you find yourself grappling with chronic symptoms, then you need to look into heavy metal toxicity. The dedicated team at Discovery Health Healing Center is ready to guide you through every step of your healing journey, offering their expertise and support along the way. Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, our practice is well known for figuring out health puzzles that leave conventional care stumped.

Take the first step towards unlocking the gates to optimal wellness. Reach out to Dr. Kelly and her team today, and discover the transformative power of heavy metal detoxification. Let’s get started.


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If you have one of those conditions that’s hard to figure out, I highly suggest to try Dr Kelly.

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