These are a few of my favorite things! (2017)

by Dr Kelly

These are a few of my favorite things! (2017)

On facebook live this morning (January 1, 2018), I shared with you some of my favorite products of 2017. I get questions all the time about what Brands of products I use, so today, I thought that I would share things that I use on a daily basis, what brand I use and where I get it from. Also, these are items that we don’t go without, meaning, when I get low, I make sure that I reorder!


So what did we talk about? Well, we started with my favorite coffee mug! I painted a beautiful sunflower on a large mug about a year ago. I just love the way it turned out, I think it is awesome and it brings me joy! Now that is not a product you can go out and buy, but my point was to make sure you are working on getting stressors out of your life and know the things that make you happy. Do those happy things. 🙂

These products are in no particular order, I just grabbed things in my home that I value and use daily.

  1. Coconut Oil from Carrington Farms
    1. Used in the kitchen for cooking, tolerates high temperatures, great moisturizer, use on skin after the shower
    2. Buy at Costco or Amazon
  2. Aloe vera juice, vitacost organic
    1. Calms the stomach and bowels down, calms inflammation and heart burn, helps the GI tract to heal and repair, full of vitamins and minerals
    2. This brand is from
  3. Collagen, Great Lakes
    1. Great source of protein, collagen is needed in your joints, repairs the gut and is wonderful for the skin (helps to prevents wrinkles)
    2. Buy at amazon or direct from Great Lakes
  4. MCT oil, Viva naturals
    1. Medium chain triglycerides are fuel for the brain and body. Great source of energy, full of C8 and C10 (no C12, too long and no palm kernel)
    2. Buy at viva naturals
  5. Natural Calm, magnesium citrate
    1. Stop restless legs, charley horses, leg cramps, calm and relax the brain and pulls water into the bowels for regular bowel movements. Drink water too!
    2. Buy on amazon, grocery store or Natural calm website
  6. Magnesium gel, Ancient Minerals
    1. Great form of magnesium that will absorb into the skin easily, I also use magnesium salts for the bathtub from this company
    2. Buy from or amazon
  7. Deep Blue rub, doTerra
    1. Also great for muscle aches and pains, menstrual cramps
    2. Buy from doTerra
  8. Himalayan Pink Salt, TerraSoul superfoods
    1. Got to have good salt in the body daily!! I take ¼ tsp of Himalayan salt in my water every day
    2. Buy from amazon
  9. Blackmp Living powder minerals
    1. I use reverse osmosis water which is a wonderful filtered water, but it strips everything out, the good and the bad. So I add back in minerals and really like my “mud water” Adding this black powder and some lemon juice to my water makes it look questionable. Tastes just like lemon water, looks like mud J
    2. Buy at
  10. myGreenrefills laundry wash and rinse
    1. love this new laundry stuff we have! Just a few months ago I found out about it, the company is environmentally conscious, natural non chemical ingredients
    2. Go to
  11. Results RNA: ACS200 Silver
    1. Silver is a must have to always keep on hand. Who knows when the next cold virus is going to attack? Can be used in the mouth, nose, ears and even skin (they also have a gel)
    2. Find silver products at
  12. Double helix water: lotion and drops for water
    1. Super moisturizing lotion for hands, body and face! I have seen this reverse damaged skin areas like actinic keratosis (precancerous lesion). So if you suffer with really dry skin, this is a great solution. Plus, if you struggle with dehydration, adding the double helix water drops to your water is a great way to overcome that.
    2. Find double helix water at
  13. Rodan and Fields: Lash Boost
    1. Boost the appearance of your eye lashes and brows too! Helps tremendously for lashes to appear stronger and longer and healthier
    2. Contact me if you are interested
  14. Best hair product ever: Monat (We are Modern Nature) Hair products!
    1. Finally a hair product line to love. Notice the difference from the very first time you use it! Shampoo twice, you don’t need a lot, but it gets rid of all the bad stuff in your hair. Notice the frizz calm down, curls start to curl nice again, and start to grow healthy strong and long hair again!
    2. Get your new hair supplies at