What does a dragonfly symbolize?

By Dr Kelly

June 27, 2023


Absolutely.I do often talk about how I would like to have a little bit of magic or I'd like to pretend that I have a magic wand and make it so much easier for the people.But there is a lot of work, and it's really not that hard.Change is hard.I don't know if you know, our logo is a dragonfly, and the dragonfly is a symbol of change.It's a symbol of transformation on many different levels, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.Change is good.And sometimes change is hard.And I often tell people, especially when they're changing their food, it's hard at first because you don't know what you're doing yet.It's going to be hard, and then it gets easier, and then you find the things you want to be eating, and we're going to support you every step of the way.So don't be afraid of failing.Just give it a go.And not one of us are perfect.Know that you're not alone, and we'll meet you where you're at.There's no judgment here, but you have to want to get better and you have to work on it.And so there's always work.Change is hard, but transformation is super cool.And so that's why the dragonfly is the symbol at Discovery Health Healing Center.

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Dr. Kelly has 25 years of expert medical experience caring for the sickest of the sick people in critical care (including ICU, Heart surgery, Heart & Lung transplant surgery, as well as cardiology). She is a clinical specialist who has taken care of and trained others to care for the critically ill/the elderly and developed many screening and preventative programs to help improve the health of the population. The reality is that most people just don't have to be that sick. or stay that sick. So, Dr. Kelly decided to change the focus of the care she provided: to prevent, reverse and restore the health of individuals.

Dr. Kelly

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