She Reversed All Her Symptoms in Just 3 Months

By Dr Kelly

September 10, 2019

She wanted to feel better. She hurt all over, had no energy, had super itchy, dry, red skin, wasn't sleeping and just didn't feel good or like herself. Together, without any medication, we reversed all of that. Completely. Then she made a mistake, that lead to another bad choice and the little voice in her head said, "you screwed up!! so just give up!" But she knew better, because I taught her what she needed to know and how to care for herself! At our next appt, I boosted her spirits, we knocked down the barriers, we made being healthier even easier so she can get back on track and continue to be successful without any symptoms. Does your Doctor do that with you? Bet not.
About the author

Dr. Kelly has 25 years of expert medical experience caring for the sickest of the sick people in critical care (including ICU, Heart surgery, Heart & Lung transplant surgery, as well as cardiology). She is a clinical specialist who has taken care of and trained others to care for the critically ill/the elderly and developed many screening and preventative programs to help improve the health of the population. The reality is that most people just don't have to be that sick. or stay that sick. So, Dr. Kelly decided to change the focus of the care she provided: to prevent, reverse and restore the health of individuals.

Dr. Kelly

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