Bio Energy Testing

By Dr Kelly

October 20, 2022

(BET) is the most important health and anti-aging metabolic testing tool ever developed because it takes acknowledges that the core principle behind staying strong and healthy and avoiding disease is to maintain youthful mitochondrial function. In fact, even with all of the controversy commonly seen in medicine, there is no argument over this fact. Every cell in your body contains thousands of tiny bubble-like structures called mitochondria. This little organelle is the one that oxygen is converted to energy by burning fat and sugar which is the energy that keeps you alive and allows your body to function at a high level. With this in mind, BET measures how well your mitochondria are functioning.
About the author

Dr. Kelly has 25 years of expert medical experience caring for the sickest of the sick people in critical care (including ICU, Heart surgery, Heart & Lung transplant surgery, as well as cardiology). She is a clinical specialist who has taken care of and trained others to care for the critically ill/the elderly and developed many screening and preventative programs to help improve the health of the population. The reality is that most people just don't have to be that sick. or stay that sick. So, Dr. Kelly decided to change the focus of the care she provided: to prevent, reverse and restore the health of individuals.

Dr. Kelly

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