Ask Dr. Kelly

Have a question? Wondering if Dr. Kelly or one of our team members can help you? Fill out the form to get in contact with Dr. Kelly or our other team members. As a Holistic Nurse Practitioner helping people take control of their own health, know that, no matter what you have going on in your health and life, we can always help it to improve.

CURRENT PATIENTS: Send your questions to Dr. Kelly or the DHHC staff directly through your Cerbo Patient portal, not here please.

When we start with knowing how the body works, and recognize that all illness and disease starts with deficiencies and toxicities in the body, then no matter what condition, what illness, what diagnosis or what goal you have, Discovery Health Healing Center can help. :)

Restoring function in the body through a Holistic approach to your health, is pivotal in creating change. These changes build a foundation for your health to thrive, and with customized personal attention for your care, medical expertise, and a restorative as well as Anti-aging medicine focus, Dr. Kelly and the other providers at DHHC, are able to provide the highest quality care in the region and help you to obtain results.

This is ongoing personalized healthcare partnership. This is how we achieve your goals and stay healthy.