Medication is not the solution to Anxiety

by Dr Kelly

Medication is not the solution to Anxiety

Many different women suffer with anxiety. It has been a theme over the last month or so, prompting me to talk about it as a topic. It is a real issue. An issue that can impact the person’s quality of life, their ability to function, their coping skills and make them want to isolate themselves from the world.

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What I really want to talk about is What Causes Anxiety?

WebMD, says this:

Common causes of anxiety include these mental conditions:

  • Panic disorder: In addition to anxiety, common symptoms of panic disorders are palpitations (feeling your heart beat), dizziness, and shortness of breath.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Phobic disorders.
  • Stress disorders.

Those aren’t causes, those are descriptors of different kinds of anxiety that people are suffering with. This is why the medical field has such a difficult time helping someone who is dealing with anxiety issues, because they don’t know how to help the person get to the real cause. They only know how to medicate their condition.

Let me give you a couple of different scenarios, because the people are all very different, in different situations, different times of their lives, and different reasons for WHY they have anxiety.

44 year old male teacher, completely incapacitated by fear and anxiety. Unable to leave the house, withdrawing from all social activities. Had been working FT as a teacher prior to this suddenly occurring, but also known to have worked in a water damaged building for over 10 years of his career. Anxiety triggers: mold exposure and autoimmune thyroid disease

41 year old woman, began having episodes of racing heart beats, anxiety, insomnia, waking up at 3-4 am, fatigue, depression, low motivation, nausea/sour stomach alternating with being really hungry, diarrhea since summer time. She had been working on her health, went through a detox and stopped a medication for depression over summer. Then her symptoms started. Anxiety became paralyzing and she literally felt like she was falling apart at the seems.
Cause of anxiety: medication withdrawal, and adrenal fatigue which didn’t allow her to tolerate coming off medication.

33 year old woman, rashes all over her body, constant itching, not being able to tolerate being in her own skin. Extremely fatigued, can’t sleep, has pain, fearful of people seeing her skin, worrying constantly, very anxious and short of breath. Anxiety reasons: food allergies, histamine intolerance and infection

17-year girl, several visits to the emergency room because of chest pain. Constantly anxiety, disrupting school work and sleep. What did the emergency room do for her? Nothing. What is the cause of her anxiety? Don’t know yet, just get started to find her triggers, what keeps her body so agitated that she feels her skin crawling and pain in her muscles and joints?

Medications may be needed to give these people temporary relief, but it is not the answer they each are looking for. Each one of them is a different person, with different causes and different cures. The important thing to know and understand, is that if you look for the reason your body is acting this way and solve that problem, your body can calm back down and give you relief of that symptom of anxiety.